Selling A Home with Foundation Issues?


Foundation Repair Costs – A Home Buyer’s Biggest Fear?

Few things derail a home sale like the discovery of foundation issues during an inspection. Making matters worse, a broken foundation can often go unnoticed by a homeowner and face ‘dire consequences’ on the back side of a sale. 


Unlike a flooded basement or a leaking roof, signs that your home may require foundation repairs can be easily ignored. Foundation issues slowly manifest over time, and when you finally notice the cracks in your basement or the uneven floors in your house, it may be too late.


And while the symptoms of a broken foundation may seem relatively minor, foundation repair can cost tens of thousands of dollars.


Even though a home with foundation issues may still be livable, many home buyers are scared of the prospect of taking on a home with foundation issues. 


Since a home inspection happens after a house has gone under contract, many buyers become desperate to have the repairs taken care of ASAP or ask for a significant price reduction to cover repair costs. And sellers – who have been living in the home for years with no problems – can feel as though the buyer is trying to take advantage of them.

The situation is made worse by the fact that many mortgage lenders will not approve a home loan unless all foundation issues are fixed prior to closing. This means the seller must come out of pocket if they want to keep the deal alive. Most sellers do not have thousands of dollars on hand to make the needed repairs.


These disagreements can lead to a contract termination and many sellers have reported foundation repair costs as the number one factor that prevents them from selling their home.


Problem Signs That Lead to High Foundation Repair Costs in Homes

· Cracks in the Walls, Doors, and Windows

· Concrete weakness

· Bowed basement walls

· Gaps between crown molding and the ceiling

· Termite ‘mazes’ in walls and flooring 


Can you sell your home to BIG MITCH?

Yes, we buy homes with foundation damage. We have multiple crews and services to address issues. 

Because we are experts in the field, you can make your life a whole lot easier when you sell your home to Big Mitch. 


We’ll pay you cash for your home, and you won’t have to worry about inspections, closing costs, repair, cleaning, de-cluttering….we simply buy your home AS IS.


We work FAST. You could receive payment for your home in as little as 30 days.


Best of all, there are no real estate agents (or commissions) to deal with, no mortgage approvals to wait for, and no inconvenient open houses that trouble you with schedules and preparation. 


Within Big Mitch's program, we will make a fair offer. And you’re under no obligation to accept offer and you never pay any fees. We pay cash, cover the closing costs, and close fast.

Fill out the simple questionnaire or call 405-249-9442 and one of our representatives will be in touch. 


Reminder: When we buy a house:

· We pay cash

· We pay most, if not all standard closing costs

· We buy “as-is” — no repairs, cleaning or repainting necessary

· We close fast