Can I Sell A Home with Termite Damage?


The problem with termite damage is once the damage becomes visible, you may already be suffering from a full-blown infestation. 

Signs of termites? Wood that buckles, floors that swell, tracks visible termite mazes in furniture and walls.  Termites cause severe damage as they feed on wood…wreaking havoc on the integrity, stability, and safety of your property.

If left untreated, termite infestation can result in a home that’s simply unlivable. And worse, unsellable.  Expensive home repairs are one solution, but that can easily eat up any value you’ve earned on your property.  Plus, sellers are required by law to disclose any termite issues. That means, even after you’ve come out of pocket for an exterminator and repairs, a prospective buyer may walk away knowing the property has experienced termite damage. 

Then there are the other issues that can delay or derail the sale of a home…

Failed loan approvals, high costs required for mortgage authorization, and the demands you’ll face from difficult or demanding home buyers.

Imagine trying to sell a home with termite damage.

  • These uninvited guests feed on your floors, cabinets, and furniture.

  • They make their way through your home’s siding and plaster.

  • They feed on the wood that’s outside and inside your house.

  • Calling a professional exterminator will only lead to thousands of dollars spent to tent and fumigate your entire property.

  • Not only will you have to spend time and money to prep your house for treatment, but you’ll also need to figure out where you’ll stay while the termites are dealt with.

  • Is that really worth the hassle?

Can you sell your home to Big Mitch Buys Homes?

Yes, we buy homes with termite damage. We have multiple crews and services to address issues. 

Because we are experts in the field (transacting hundreds of homes…), you can make your life a whole lot easier when you sell your home to Big Mitch. 

We’ll pay you cash for your home, and you won’t have to worry about inspections, closing costs, repair, cleaning, decluttering….we simply buy your home AS IS.

Best of all, there are no real estate agents (or commissions) to deal with, no mortgage approvals to wait for, and no inconvenient open houses that trouble you with schedules, cosmetic repairs and preparation. 

Big Mitch Buys Homes is Quick

Big Mitch Buys Homes has transacted hundreds of homes. We understand the ‘termite damage’ dynamic and are ready to help. We will visit your home for a free, no-obligation appraisal, where one of our knowledgeable, professional franchisees will make a fair, market-based offer.

You can choose to take it or keep looking, there’s no pressure.

If you choose to take the offer, we will move quickly – often within 30 days. We pay cash, cover the closing costs, and close fast.

There’s no pressure and no obligation to take any offer. We’ll simply give you an offer to buy your house for cash.

Reminder: When we buy a house

  • We pay cash
  • We pay most, if not all standard closing costs
  • We buy “as-is” — no repairs, cleaning or repainting necessary
  • We close fast